Design to 3D Print Training


CAD, Design & 3D Modelling to 3D Printing Training

If you are new to 3D Printing and 3D Design or require a refresher on 'how to',
our Training Plans are structured to harness you with the needed skills for
Design to 3D Printing.

For those who are comfortable with 3D Design and/or 3D Printing and would like to
improve and build upon their existing skill-sets, we can help through our extensive
range of 3D Printers  such as UItimaker 2 and 3D Software such as ANSYS SpaceClaim.

On-Site Installation & Training

Our On-Site Design to 3D Print training covers a wide ranging of aspects such as
installation, initial setup and basic & advanced ANSYS SpaceClaim CAD Training.

The purpose of On-Site training is to help you get started and ensure that the users
are confident with the Design to 3D Print technologies which can therefore integrate
seamlessely into your current operations.

Educational Training Workshops

Our Design to 3D Printing Educational Workshops can be integrated into lesson plans
or alternatively they can be arranged with faculty members so they get an in-depth
consultation on how to implement them into the curriculm with continious support going
forward from our Design Engineers.

Utilising Industry leading CAD Design Software ANSYS SpaceClaim, who provide
Educational version, students get to learn CAD, core STEM skills and key vocational
experience with Industry standard software.

Our approach is Design to 3D Print and we can provide a variety of 3D Printers to suit
all needs and requirements.

Case Study

City Heights Case Study | Education 3D Printing