Rent, Events & Workshops

3D Printing Rental Solutions

We provide bespoke solutions for Individuals, Businesses and
Education whom are looking to utilise 3D Printing Technology.

If you require rental of 3D Printing or 3D Technology equipment,
whether this is for supporting an existing project, exploring
technology viability within your business or for supporting your
clients, we will aim to provide affordable and reliable rental solutions.

In addition, if the need is for an emergency replacement, we could
provide a rental solution as quickly as the next working day to help
minimise downtime and maintain business continuity.

Urban Systems | Rental 3D Printing

Events, Exhibits and Media

We support our clients with events and exhibitions through the provision
of 3D Printing Technology products or through a consultative approach
delivering tailored solutions.

Our Design Team can support with Branding and Promotion aspects
creating bespoke 3D Designs ready to be 3D Printed.

Gartner Summits | 3D Printing Events

Film & Media Solutions  

We support a variety of Businesses in Film, Television and Media ranging
Prop Makers, Animators, Artists to Production, Digital and Marketing

As an all encompassing Design to 3D Print company we are able to provide a
variety of unique services, including Events, Exhibits, Workshops, Media &
Film Shoots, 3D Printing & Design Services to support projects of all shapes
and sizes.



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