3D Printing Services


FDM 3D Printing

With a large selection of rapid prototyping technologies, we
provide printing services on a variety of machines that use
different techniques. FDM 3D Printing is one of our specialities
as we provide bespoke printing using a variety of materials
ranging from common plastics to composite polymers.
FDM 3D Printing | Ultimaker 2

Full Colour 3D Printing

If you are after an accurate, high resolution functional prototype
or model, then full colour 3D Printing may be the correct choice for you.
On our extensive range of 3D Systems industrial standard machines we
can achieve detailed production of concepts and models.

Full Colour 3D Printing | 3D Printing

Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing

If you have a concept that needs fine tuning and development within
a short space of time, we can help with the whole process! Our
dedicated team of Design Engineers are on hand right the way
through from concept development to rapid prototyping.

Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing | 3D Systems

Metal 3D Printing 

We appreciate meeting requirements and standards is an integral
part of many businesses and processes. Production of metal models
can be costly, which is why our metal 3D printing capabilities try
to address this within a competitive rate. 

Metal 3D Printing | 3D Systems

Student 3D Printing

Many students do not have direct access to 3D Printers and with
deadlines approaching it can be a stressful period. Our Print Room
Pass gives you access to our 3D Technologies within a
student friendly budget.

3D Printing For Students | Print Room Pass

File Preparation

We combine the latest in 3D Printing technologies with
our highly trained team of Design Engineers who prepare 
files for printing by utilising indusry leading software to
analyse and fix where necessary to save on cost and
time of creating the model.

Case Study

Bogle Architects Case Study | Architecture 3D Printing

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