Design, CAD & Modelling

2D Design Services

We provide CAD, Design and 3D Modelling services for individuals, businesses
or existing clients covering a variety of indutries and projects. 

The process starts with 2D Sketches or marked up drawings which our Design Engineers
can turn into 3D Models which can be prepared for 3D Printing.

Alternatively you can visit our Design Engineers on site for a one to one consultation,
so both parties can understand workflows and ensure the design process is executed

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CAD, Design & 3D Modelling Services

Once ideas and thoughts have been conveyed, our Design Engineers can turn those
concepts into 3D Design using industry leading design software ANSYS SpaceClaim.

Throughout the process you are informed on the progress of the work and given
suggestions on how you can take your ideas to the next level.

CAD, Design & 3D Modelling Services

Rendering & Graphic Design Services

For product development and visualisation, rendering is an integral part as it can
be used to communicate design intent and to attain feedback on the ergonomics
of your product.

Using industry standard rendering software KeyShot we provide photo-realistic
rendering services to help you in your development process.

Whether it is Branding Development to Graphic Design Solutions, our Design Team
can support your projects utilising the power of Photoshop.

Rendering & Graphic Design Services

Design to 3D Print Services

3D Printing Technology has tranformed the Design Process enabling simple
and effective Concepts and Prototypes.

Our Design Engineers will consult with you to get an understanding on what
materials would be best suited for your design and accordingly a machine.

With a large selection of rapid prototyping technologies, we provide 3D Printing
services on a variety of machines that use different techniques such as FDM,
SLA and SLS 3D Printing.

We also support with a variety of materials ranging from common plastics, metals,
wood, rubber to composite polymers.

Design to 3D Print Services | Rapid Prototyping

ANSYS SpaceClaim Trial and Online Demonstration

Our Design Services and capibilities are powered by SpaceClaim, an all inclusive industry
leading CAD software. Interested in finding out more and using it yourself, click below to
get in touch.

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