ANSYS SpaceClaim

What is SpaceClaim

ANSYS SpaceClaim is one of the leading CAD and Geometry software packages in industry,
which is utilised by many people. The aim of the SpaceClaim is to allow users
to be able to do CAD processes easier than traditional CAD.

SpaceClaim is known as a 'universal' all inclusive software that is and can be utilised by professionals and 
students in various industries such as engineering, design, architecture, automotive as 
well as Education as it entails features that cater to specific requirements.

SpaceClaims ability to tailor modules and functionalities from various industries into one package.
ensures costs are kept to a miniumun whilst quality of results and production are maximised.

Instiutions and companies such as the University of Cambridge, Ford, General Dymanics,
Tyco, SAAB, Volvo and Honda use SpaceClaim as it has bettered their design and 
work processes. 


SpaceClaim supports development for the manufacturing sector, as it has eliminated many of the bottlenecks 
that can occur in the design process and allows the user to focus on materialising the idea. 

ANSYS Spaceclaim | Engineers and Manufacturing



Designing components and models is straightforward with SpaceClaim. All geometries 
stem from a small selection of tools with an option of more advanced features which lets 
the user delve deeper into the software and gain more control over their design process.

ANSYS Spaceclaim | Design



A common perception of CAD software is that it is difficult to use and you need prior 
knowledge of such software packages to be able to use such software to its potential. 
SpaceClaim have taken those perceptions and simplified the concept of CAD and made
it accessible from industry to education level. Simple interfaces, jargon free terminology 
and an abundance of resources make this suitable for students in all levels of education.

ANSYS Spaceclaim | Education CAD Software


3D Printing

ANSYS SpaceClaim supports 3D Printing in various ways ranging from quick file repairs to 
making watertight models and using specialist tools to ensure surface finishes are accurate.

ANSYS Spaceclaim | 3D Printing File Preperation


Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering can be a complex discipline to master, however with tools such
as 'skin surface' SpaceClaim makes the process seamless as it enables a user to directly
choose a specific area of a model and edit its dimensions, aesthetics and features to fit another
purpose. SpaceClaim has simplified this technique to a few clicks and made it accessible to
non-experts as well as professionals in industry.

ANSYS Spaceclaim | Reverse Engineering CAD Software


Simulation is a critical part of the design process in many industries such as automotive
and aeronautical, as stress points, air flow and dynamics need to be measured before
components can be manufactured. The simulation capibilities in SpaceClaim allow a
designer to achieve a greater understanding of their model and how it can be further improved.

ANSYS Spaceclaim | Simulation CAD Software

Keyshot Rendering

With SpaceClaim being an all inclusive package, the software caters
for product development as it is linked with industry standard software such as
Keyshot which allows for photo realistic rendering of designs and concepts which
is a useful way to communicate design intent to your team and clients. 


Benefits of SpaceClaim

Ease of use, simplified interfaces allow both non-CAD experts and seasoned
professionals to refine and optimise concept models without difficulty.

Complex processes made easier, techniques such as reverse engineering can be
achieved within a few clicks allowing the user to connect highly organic shapes with
basic surface patches and period loops.

Automated features, time efficency is maximised with scripting tools, allowing users
to rapidly perform repetitive tasks without constant intervention.

Greater control, locked dimensional control allows model changes to be carried out
on a tailored scale ensuring tolerances for models are easily adjustable.

3D printing prep, instantly prepare noisy scans and poor quality CAD files through
various file repair techniques.

Third party software, compatibility with software suits Keyshot allows for live photo
realistic rendering.

Focus on what matters, SpaceClaim frees users from the constraints of traditional
CAD software, allowing them to focus on the creative processes instead of confusing interfaces.

ANSYS SpaceClaim Trial and Online Demonstration

ANSYS Spaceclaim Software Trial