3D Printing and Medicine 

3D Printing has revolutionised many sectors, one of which is Medicine.
Traditionally surgeons would study scans and images of body parts prior
to operating on them. However, now with cutting edge technology provided
by companies such as 3D Systems, professionals within the industry can
attain high resolution detailed models of obscure body parts which
allows them to develop an in-depth understanding of how to operate
on them. 

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Dentistry is another sector within medicine and healthcare that has greatly
benefitted from advancement within 3D Technologies as professionals can 
produce mock ups of teeth, mouth and bone structures to better educate 
themselves and the patient of the operating areas. These tools can also be 
utilised to practice critical elements of an operation such as incisions before 
the actual operation takes place.


Industrial Solutions

3D Systems have a range of tailored industrial machines which are fit for a  
variety of industrial purposes. For the healthcare range the printers carry
critical attributes such as precision and scalability and have been designed
with the user and environment in mind. As a result of this foresight the machines 
offer user-friendly interfaces and enclosed odour operation which means they  
fit seamlessely in to labs, operating areas and offices.

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Bridging the Gap

3D technologies are bridging the gap between traditional practices and 
modern capabilities. A prime example of this is the Nationwide Children's
Hospital, who have used 3D Systems' printers to great effect. The research
team at the hospital were struggling to understand how a virus known as
Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) works within the body. However, by
producing the RSV in full colour it allowed the team to understand the  
composition better which then allowed them to formulate theories 
how it operates within the body. 

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