Film & Media

Creative Minds, Creative Solutions

We support a variety of Businesses in Film, Television and Media ranging from
Prop Makers, Animators, Artists to Production, Digital
and Marketing Agencies.

As an all-encompassing Design and 3D Technology company we have been
able to provide these various sectors with varying 3D Printing Services creating
models and Design Services to support projects of all shapes
and sizes.

Wacom Design Tablets | Design to 3D Print

In-House Solutions

For short or long term projects, with our In-House Rapid Prototyping capabilities we
can provide a variety of 3D Printing and 3D Technology products
and solutions to meet all your requirements and objectives.

3D Design

Looking for Advanced 3D Modelling and Design Capabilities? We provide
Industry leading 3D Software SpaceClaim and
award winning design tablets by Wacom.

Bespoke Projects | Rental and Events

Unique projects that require 3D Printing and 3D Technology, our
3D Gurus can help from Events, Exhibits, Film, Television
to 3D Design and Product Branding.

As well as tailoring a project to specific requirements, the 3D Gurus
can provide on-site assistance to ensure work is carried
out efficiently and any technical queries can be dealt
with immediately.

Case Study

Abode Photoshop CC | 3D Printing Tools

ANSYS SpaceClaim Trial and Online Demonstration

ANSYS SpaceClaim CAD Design Software