Engineers & Manufacturers

Design to Rapid Prototyping

The importance of innovation and client delivery in sectors such as Engineering
can be business critical, especially when working with tight time constraints, 
We aim to deliver a 360 approach from Design through to Rapid Prototyping
to ensure your requirements and objectives are consistently met in a timely

Design to 3D Print Products and Solutions

We provide Industry leading 3D Printers, 3D Modelling CAD Software SpaceClaim,
3D Scanners and Design Tablets by Wacom.

Our products are tailored to specific industries and can be used by engineers for
sketching ideas, simulating their models in real time to test dynamics
and integrity of their design. And producing functional prototypes
with accurate tolerances and resolutions on desktop and
industrial machines.

3D Design | 3D Printers | ANSYS SpaceClaim CAD Software

Desktop to Industrial 3D Printers

Whether you are in the development phase or nearing the production of your ideas, you can
attain quick mock ups through desktop printers or high resolution functional parts on industrial
machines, that can be used for end user trials. The importance of cost effective solutions is a
major aspect of many engineering projects, and this what leading brands such as Ultimaker,
3D Systems, Bq and MakerBot strive to provide. 

Industrial 3D Printing | 3D Systems | Rapid Prototyping

Studio Services

Our aim is to make the Design to 3D Print process seamless and to aid our existing and 
new clients with projects. Which is why our studio services cater for all things creative and more. 
We provide a variety of solutions including Design, 3D Printing & Prototyping, Events, Printer 
Rentals and Training.

If you have an idea for a new jig or have an existing concept that needs to be reverse engineered
to f
it a new purpose, the 3D Guru team will be on hand to offer their technical
advice and will aid the completion of the project.

CAD Design Services | 3D Printing | Prototyping

Support Plans

To ensure continuous delivery of objectives, we provide various Support Plans,
a comprehensive package encompassing a dedicated team of Design Engineers 
who provide both Technical Support, but also act as your own personal dedicated
Design and 3D Print representatives within The Studio. 

As part of the 360 approach we provide continuous support to ensure ideas
and projects are executed correctly. In the engineering industry, the
development stages can be a place where many changes and
revisions of a concept are a norm. Our Support Plans attempt
to make this process as seamless as possible.  


Case Study

Ultimaker 3D Printers | 3D Printing For Engineering

ANSYS SpaceClaim Trial and Online Demonstration

ANSYS SpaceClaim CAD Design Software | 3D Modelling