Innovating Education

At PrintME 3D, we are advocates of empowerment as we continually harness the
next generation of 
pioneers with the tools to embark upon the road of self-sufficiency.

We want to bridge the gap between availability of new technologies and the access
educational institutions have to them. We aim to do this by providing competitive
solutions which fit seamlessly in to the curriculums currently being taught.

Schools, Colleges, Academies and Universities

We provide a variety of 3D Technologies ranging from 3D Printers, Design Tablets
and 3D Scanners.

Our Solutions also cover industry leading CAD software SpaceClaim, Training and
Classroom Packs, On-site workshops and Curriculum based Design Packs. We also
offer tailor-made solutions to meet your requirements.

As well as supporting schools, colleges and academies we support and actively
collaborate with Higher Education including Universities and Research & Development

Our tailored solutions ensure the students attain the right amount of exposure to the 
technologies available 
whilst also learning the necessary skills they will require for
future endeavours in industry. 

Design to 3D Print Education | STEM | SpaceClaim


We know 3D Printing can be highly addictive and contagious! All students are entitled
to Educational Discounts at PrintME 3D regardless of Educational Level. 

Student 3D Printing | Rapid Prototying Education

Support Plan

For those Educational establishments seeking after-care support we also provide our
dedicated Support Plans which are structured to ensure your 3D printing journey
is as stress-free and enjoyable as it should be. You will have access to a dedicated
dedicated team of Design Engineers who will be on hand to provide support and assist.

Case Study

 Kings College Education 3D Printing Workshop


ANSYS SpaceClaim Trial and Online Demonstration

ANSYS SpaceClaim CAD Software | 3D Modelling |