PrintME 3D is Europe's fastest growing 3D Printing Solutions Provider and Supplier. Dedicated in delivering the latest in 3D Printing Technology and Innovation. 

​PrintME 3D discovered the concept of 3D Printing by chance, fell in love with it and now aims to bring affordability in to creativity.


1.75mm and 3mm 3D Printer Filaments, including ABS, PLA, PVA and Lay Filaments
3D Printers

Visualise, Design and Print. 

Showcasing some amazing designs turned in to 3D creations ....

3D Printing has arrived!

The next Industrial Revolution is paving its way in to the future and with PrintME 3D you can become a passenger on this journey!

The latest 3D Printers including D4X, UP! Mini. UP! Plus 2, MakerBots Replicators & Cubify

PrintME 3D not only provides exciting and wonderful 3D Printing thingymajigs, we also want to be able to find you the right solution.

We work with both Individuals, Resellers, Businesses and Educational Institutions to find the right fit and model for your needs.

We also provide services from Supply Solutions and Printer Renting to Printing & Product Development.